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  1. Woot! Thanks Guys! Queuing up for the server now!
  2. What is the general purpose of this? Tbh, it kinda felt like a slap in the face to see that there is a lot of long term higher end contributors that just got "demoted" (yes, it is a demotion for those still active). It just seems like yet another way to play favorite. Why change the old system? It worked, and worked for years. What am I not seeing that makes this beneficial to the community in a way other than playing "Popularity Contest". If it was a trust issue that resulted in these people demoted, why would they even have Legend to begin with (in the old system)? If they are untrustworthy people, they probably never deserved a higher rank to begin with.
  3. Thanks for all the work you've done man have a good retirement

  4. So sexy. Nobody can imagine the endless hours of work that went into this amazing design! Great work guys!
  5. I'll be going through tonight when population is low and making some changes based on feedback. Any feedback between now and then is greatly appreciated!
  6. Happy birthday Silent!

  7. Miss having you around!

  8. Going to have to pick up VRChat sometime .
  9. Hey Spirit, I sent you a message on Slack, can you have a look at it, please? :)

  10. For me and most of the people in a group that I game with here and there, Discord has been pretty painful through the time we've used it. We've had problems with voice cutting out, with it reading mics that are perfectly configured in windows and working elsewhere, and with it causing sound in games to cut out. I understand why people use it, it looks much more modern, its easier to learn how to use and manage, and anyone can create a server for it at any time. However, they still have a ways to go on it in my opinion before it will be anything completely dependable. I'm not sure how much I agree that we are losing people because we don't have discord. Anyone that isn't involved enough in the community to download the teamspeak client and install it (a 5 minute process), more than likely isn't dedicated enough to bother joining a discord server we are in and then joining voice or even chat channels. If we have both, we automatically lose admins and people in both, and split the population in two, in something that is intended to bring the population together, not split them apart. I do however believe strongly in going the direction the community wants to go. If you think more people would join, then the real test is whether or not you can get them on here and vote. If they won't bother voting, they won't bother joining our discord if we had one.
  11. Miss seeing you on the servers :(.

  12. Just bought the game, will try and jump on and check it out tomorrow!