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CS2 Surf Server

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While the server has been up for some time, we’re comfortable enough to announce the release of the Counter-Strike 2 skill surf server! The server will see more development as it returns to it's state in CS:GO but enjoy gliding ramps. 



How to Join: 


      connect surf.steam-gamers.net 





  • Respect admins and other players
  • No racism, homophobia, or bigotry of any kind
  • No spamming of any kind
  • No advertising other servers, clans, or websites
  • Do not abuse the !calladmin or !report command to report players for fake reasons.
  • No cheating, exploiting, hacking, or scripting of any kind.



Surf Commands: 


      !r (css_r) 

      !rb <#> (css_rb)

      !stage <#> (css_goto)
      !top (css_top) 

      !topbonus <#> (css_topbonus)
      !rank (css_rank) 

      !sr (css_sr)

      !hud (css_hud)

       !keys (css_keys)

      !timer (css_timer)
      !cp (css_cp)
      !tp (css_tp) 
      !prevcp (css_prevcp) 
      !nextcp (css_nextcp) 




Map Collection: 



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