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  1. Congrats @ThRzaand @Charliere, and congrats @Iotaand @triou
  2. Congrats @Asher!!!
  3. Maybe gifting if you're an Elite Supporter? If you're an Elite Supporter you can give one person Basic Supporter for free
  4. You may call it something else, an addition to the Inno menu should be an option called 'Martyrdom', it should cost 100 credits. The function of it would be, on death, the inno killed drops an HE grenade on where they were killed. Just a simple addition
  5. Mega-congratulations to everyone!
  6. Sad to see you leave, BoM Hope you have a great life
  7. Farewell canadian man o7
  8. Totally didn't know about the EC promos before hand Congrats everyone!
  9. Bump Event today and in 30 mins