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  1. Bump Event starting, hop on!
  2. Bump Event in 10 mins
  3. Bump Event in 1 hr
  4. Bump Event in 1 and a half hours
  5. Bump Event tomorrow, be there!
  6. Bump Event in 2 days
  7. Download: Materials: Red Carpet Gold Block Iron Block Coal Block Chest Gold Weighted Pressure Plate Redstone Lamp Stone Button Painting Oak Sign Redstone Torch Glass Block / Glass Pane Nether Brick Fence Quartz Stairs Quartz Pillar
  8. ay ill snatch Kerbal Space Program
  9. Thanks @Valk for the banner Mirrored Scrim Mirrored Scrim Event! We're going to be playing one mirrored map for the event. It's going to confusing and convoluted, as if you're playing the map for the first time. When? January 8th @ 5 PM Where? Scrim Server - Maps Mirrored de_dust2 Join the Discord Server for more info about Events & Other Stuff!
  10. Looks like this event didn't get as well as planned, it's alright though! Thanks to everyone who came
  11. Bump Hop on the TTT server! Event is starting :3
  12. Bump Event in two hours I had to revert the time back to later for personal reasons