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Well I always found stepping down/leaving post cringey but when you need thanks, you need thanks. All jokes aside, I appreciate everything this community has done for me after joining it three years ago. SG has brought so much joy to my life directly and indirectly over my time here whether it be through helping me become a more mature person or just giving me some good laughs after a long day. I'd also like to add that everyday when I'm on the servers, I just think about how it's truly amazing how so many people from different countries/cultures can come to together to make a place like this run and prosper. I'll truly miss this place but it's been time for me to move on for awhile now as I've been forcing myself to play the servers and push out things that I simply don't have the time to do anymore. I hope that SG will continue to thrive and I wish the best luck to all current and future staff members.


Just want to do a few shoutouts to the people that have been with me since the start of this ride whether they are banned, inactive, or still playing:




@All Ts and @eXtr3m3 You guys pushed me to become an admin when I was honestly in a state where I thought no one even liked me anymore and a truly appreciate the the great examples you guys set for me to be in the community. I'm happy to call you both good friends and appreciate all you have done for me.


@Rhyzhe You are one of the only people that I've been close with since joining this community. You'll always be Kitti to me in my heart and I cherish our friendship through the years.


@Exk I probably respect you the most out of anyone here at SG. I'll never forget the days when we would play TTT all night long or when you would help me upgrade a knife. You care for your friends a lot, share your wisdom, and I've always considered you my SG older brother.


@Reid99 We were pretty tight for awhile until you moved when we used to rank up together for hours a day. I guess you could say times went by [FAST].


@Manny @tides @roux I've only recently grown recently close to you guys and I really enjoy our times when we play any game together and hope to continue playing with you guys when I can. Just to let you all know, Manny is a bad DBD teammate.


There's obviously many other friends that I've had since joining here and I can't name them all so this one is for you if you're reading. Whether it be us having a mildy close bond or you saw me on the server once, I thank you for any moments we've had together and wish you the best in your life. Now time to lurk back into crevices of life that I've submerged from and carry on with life. Thanks again SG for the memories.

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As much as we've never really been close friends or anything, I've enjoyed many experiences with you at SG. You joined during the exact same month I did, which as everyone knows is the best month by far.


I wish you all the best with everything irl and hope to see you more in the future. Cheers for everything you did around here.


Take it easy mate

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