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Hello everyone,


We're happy to announce the Modding Team as our newest team!


The purpose of the Modding Team is to help create content for our servers. These include maps, models, and any other kinds of mods. Their responsibilities will include:


  • Work with the Administrative Team to find and fix errors and exploits found in maps, models, textures, etc.
  • Creating and developing projects for the servers including maps, models, textures, etc.
  • Arming requested maps for use on the servers.
  • Porting popular maps and models from other games to CS:GO for use on the servers.
  • Work with the Media Team to develop graphics for completed projects.
  • Work with the Administrative Team and Events Team for the production of event based projects.


We encourage anyone who have any level of experience or interest with the team to apply HERE



With that said, we have a few initial promotions to the team. Each of these individuals are already active in the modding sections of the forums and always involved in some sort of project. Congratulations to Darnias, eXtr3m3, and roux! Also congratulations to Dominic who will be managing the team!


Join me in congratulating @Darnias @eXtr3m3 @roux and @Dominic in their new roles!

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