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Question of the day 4/11/19

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Q: What job would you be absolutely terrible at?


I took a class revolving around air traffic controllers and air traffic management and I don't know how these guys do it. All the stress from waving around glowing wands for hours at a time seems impossible @Caution


Fr tho, I would be terrible at it. Scientifically speaking, men are statistically worse at multitasking and I could not imagine the burden on my shoulders if God forbid something went wrong. Constantly talking, having to scan multiple displays, and conducting calculations and your judgement to separate aircraft is too strenuous for me. Good thing I changed my ATC minor to a flight minor :)

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Being a waiter and having to carry all of those fucking dishes with your arms.



I know they can get that bigger plate to place all the food on, but then you have to carry THAT and hold it high in the air to make sure you don't hit anyone's head along the way. I'd drop all that shit on someone's entire family, big bets

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