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Question of the day 4/19/19

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Q:Would you ever join a mission to colonize another planet if it meant never returning to earth?


My life is pretty well set up as of now. As cool as it sounds, I wouldn't.



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Heck yeah, imagine going to colonize a new planet. Already living species, not for U.S.A! Basically whip out all fucking living creatures/god-knows space abominations then starts a new colonie and everyone just mess around, dies of some sort of space aids, piratery or just general bad luck in new environnement. Just imagine being there and how it would feels



>be me

>be 17

>bored edgy boy

>decide to get drafted into space colonisation

>lie about my age, get drafted what a bunch of fucking morons

>get in spaceship after basic 6 months trainning

>fast forward to planet

>be me

>be 45

>the third of the spaceship equipage died either of mutiny or too old

>start colonization

>extermine all living species, shrug it off by fucking 80 yrs old space chick

>mutiny everyhwhere

>commander get stabbed in his sleep

>die of space aids

how truly fantastic is it

yea jk i just wanted to try to do a retarded greentext or something eh.


For real, in my own opinion, space colonization is the worst humanity can do. Spreading is cancer onto other planet is truly the shittiest thing humanity would be able to achieve. I like the idea and i would love to participate it, but humanity is good enough to have the right to spread itself around the universe. Even if it takes time, humanity should stay on earth whatever reason for it.

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