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Question of the day 5/21/19

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How do you feel about human and/or animal cloning? Is it unethical or does the usefulness outweigh the morals?


I honestly don't care much for animal experimentation. If it enables the development of safer products for humans, by all means, experiment with other animals.


Thanks @Toasty for the suggestion.


Send me question ideas! :)

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I feel like the cloning of animals within itself is just flat out unethical as it would essentially make the animal or human life shorter due to the telomeres on the chromosomes to be damaged or shortened resulting in the aging of the clone to be significantly faster. Also the means of cloning something tends to be on the expensive side so as for now and I can really only seeing it benefiting very niche things such as race horses or to increase the size of livestock. Anyways, I'm no expert on the matter as I've only had class discussions so some things may be a little off here but overall I just think it'd be better to stray away from cloning for ethical reasons and the sense of individually within animals and people.

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Cloning animals is fine, but cloning humans opens up a can of worms morally. Deriving from this question, would a clone of a human have the same rights as the original? I know not everyone believes in the metaphysical, but this debate is just as big if not bigger than the AI debate.

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Dolly the sheep. Look it up homie, since 1996.


Wow... surprised I’ve never heard of that. Lol


I could see cloning being a great way to save endangered species from becoming extinct, assuming that we could find a way for it to become extensively safe. I think cloning humans takes it a bit too far realistically.

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