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Question of the day 6/17/19

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Would You Consider Yourself An Introvert Or An Extrovert?


Def an introvert


Send me question suggestions! :)

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There's days where I'm a social butterfly, and days where I want to spend time alone with my dog and ignore everyone else. Mix of both for me


Pretty much the same as fantastic. Some days I'm eager to make plans, other I just sit in my room.





i am a straight introverted idiot

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I don't really like talking to people IRL, I don't have many IRL friends, and I generally like keeping to myself


I can also be an Extrovert, but most of the time i'm really shy and don't like being "social" outside of school IRL

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whichever is the one that makes me scream "big chungus" at work


Filthy extrovert. I bet you dont eat bread too!

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