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SG's Favorite Admin Contest Is BACK 2K19

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The admin contest is back again and it's about to go down. For years, @Bread has been hosting the contest; @Black Rain wanted to keep the tradition going but it got out of hand last year and she has been busy IRL. So, the Events Team has decided to keep the tradition going!


There will be a new poll each day, with each one containing admins of the same rank. The poll will stay open for 24 hours. The people who are in each poll will be randomized. You can vote for multiple people in round one. You cannot change your votes once they are cast, so make sure you're voting for the people you want to vote for. You can vote for yourself, but I strongly urge against it since it makes you look like a douche. The two people who receive the most votes in the groups in round 1 will move on to the next round.

Huge s/o to @Cept For Her @Charliere @Strayyz @ThRza @Dreamz & Huge s/o to @nick @roux for also helping out!!


Sit back and enjoy


Here's how the schedule will work:


Round 1


Day 1 - 5 As

Day 2 - 5 As


The two As who win their round from each group will move onto round 2, and the top A who received the most votes but did not win their round will move on to the next round. Five As in total will be going to round 2.


Day 3 - 9 SAs


Day 4 - 9 SAs


Day 5 - 9 SAs


Day 6 - 10 SAs


The eight SAs who win their round will move onto round 2. In addition, the top five SAs who received the most votes but did not win their round will move on, so thirteen SAs in total will make it to round 2.


Day 7 - 10 LGs

Day 8 - 10 LGs

Day 9 - 10 LGs

Day 10 - 10 LGs

Day 11 - 10 LGs

Day 12 - 10 LGs

Day 13 - 10 - LGs

Day 14 - 11 - LGs


Sixteen LGs who win their round will move onto round 2, and eight LGs who receive the most amount of votes without winning their round will move on, with a total of twenty-four total going to the next round.


Day 15 5 CAs


Day 16 5 CAs


The top two CAs from each of their groups will move onto round two, and one CA who received the most votes but did not win their round will move on to the next round. Five in total will be moving on.


Day 17 - 8 ATs


Day 18 - 8 BDs/TAs


In both of the AT and TA/BD rounds, the top two from each round will move on. There will be two wild cards here, so six AT+ in total will move onto round 2.


Round 2


Day 19 - 9 A+

Day 20 - 9 A+

Day 21 - 8 LGs

Day 22 - 8 LGs

Day 23 - 8 LGs

Day 24 - 5 CAs

Day 25 - 6 AT+


The top two from each group will move onto round 3, and there will be seven wild cards out of all five groups put together. Nineteen in total will move onto round 3.


Round 3


Day 26 - 6 admins

Day 27 - 6 admins

Day 28 - 7 admins


The highest vote receiver from each group + three wild cards from the groups put together will move onto the finals, making six admins total in the final round.


Round 4


Day 29 - 6 admins, finals


From the Queen herself

Once again, this contest is all for fun, and no hard feelings should be held. There’s no need to take it extremely seriously either, campaigning will make you look even worse than voting for yourself and ruin the contest for everyone else. If you would like to be excluded from the polls, feel free to post here or send me a message/pm - rounds are subject to change depending on the amount of people who drop out, along with any rank changes that occur while the polls are up.


P.S. If you vote for yourself then be prepared to face the wrath of @Korean Ninja's Wall of Shame!

2018 Wall of Shame

2017 Wall of Shame

2016 Wall of Shame


ps. If you spam posts campaigning for a candidate, a forum ban will be issued

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