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[ZE] Luffaren Escape

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Friday, August 23rd @7PM EST



Steam-Gamers Zombie Escape Server

IP: ze.steam-gamers.net:27015



The server is in big trouble, and the team needs your help. The server has been overrun by Luffaren! All we need is for you to join and help beat his maps to bring the server back to normalcy. If we can successfully do this, we can RTV for frostdrake to get the EPIC SOLO! So be prepared to eat some pizza, make some toast, and kill some beavers in order to make ZE great again.









3x Store Credits

2x Rank Points





*ze_santassination_v3 must be rtved (or completed) before the next map is decided via vote in order to get frostdrake

also banner creds to @ThRza

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Add Diddle or ill just watch yall fail like idiots lmao yikes. JK will be there to Lead


Edit: will Luff be there or not?

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