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No rule for No Special Orders in !fo?

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Special orders can be overridden without counting as a conflicting order.


Pretty sure this is the same behind freedays, so unless special orders are allowed to be given in fo (as of right now), the only way to revoke these orders are through chat during the duration of !fo.


If overridding or revoking a freeday or special order could be revoked at any time, having a rule for no freeday in !fo but not having a rule for special orders is kind of weird. I don't see why freedays aren't allowed to be given in !fo but special orders are.


Okay? So what do you want?


Make special orders not be able to be given during first order.


New Rule

• CT's who take !fo cannot give special orders while !fo is active.


something similar to the freeday rule


• CTs cannot give freedays while !fo is active, this includes the person who takes First Order.


"Just infuse it into the current freeday rule right now" Well I kind of can't, it says ANY CT's cannot give a freeday during !fo and it also states the person who takes fo. Special orders can only be given over mic so that wouldn't flow. It'd be something like "CT's cannot give neither freedays nor special orders while !fo is active, this includes the person who takes First Order"

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This would make sense as special orders are something you can revoke by saying "Special Order Revoked". I don't really see too big of a problem with it, as no one really abuses it or does anything that would make your life as a CT too hard. However, this would make the first order a little clearer and more to the point. Why not?

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I think this would be a good idea because during first order, another ct can’t revoke that special order. Like you said, it is similar to the freedays in fo situation which was resolved through rewording the rules and is easily enforceable. I do not see as to why not to include this to stop the people who practically give one person a “free day” during fo by letting that one person go without ct supervision.

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At the end of the day this is a video game server and there isn't a need 1000 rules for each and every situation that could possibly arise during the game I think this is one of them. I don't think I have ever seen this happen in game and they dont cause much of a problem if they do. I see no reason why this should be added to the already over populated rules

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Good suggestions but to be honest I do not see a purpose to add “No Special Orders in !fo” a rule. Still can’t give a free day to the person and once !fo is done they can just call that player back or give them a different order. The main reason to why Free Day can’t be given in !fo is because it can lead to a whole massacre of CTs when they won’t be able to revoke it. A special order won’t lead to a whole massacre or have anywhere near a high chance of doing so. suprised you suggested it since you always send me to the corner of shame :(

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