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[JB] First Cell

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on JB a common order to give is "freeday no past first cell". most people accept that the first cell on commonly played maps is the one with the pool secret/closest to armory. however every now and then someone comes on and claims that iso is the first cell. technically speaking iso is a cell and its the first one from that side so they're not wrong. because the majority of players accept the pool secret cell as the first cell I don't think it's necessary to change anything as it would take too long and everyone would have to get used to the new rules, I'm just looking for clarification for those types of scenarios for the future.

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Well see the majority of the players on JB will conclude that yes, the first cell would be the one with the pool secret/vent/etc (whatever it has) But technically Iso/Solitary is a type of cell. The order "Freeday no past 1st CELL" The first cell is technically iso but for a long period of time people have been claiming its the one with the pool secret/vent/etc

So to conclude this, the MAJORITY of players conclude that it's not iso and in fact the other cell which everyone agrees on.

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In my opinion, the "first cells" are the common "first" cells recognized by the community. They've either always been referred to as first cell, or on some rare occasions the cells are numbered. On maps like moonjail or undertale, there are no first cells. Isolation is the isolation, it's someplace the T's get sent to and the same thing applies to the first cell.


So no, isolation isn't technically referred to as a cell.

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I would not consider iso to be apart of the “no past first cell” because simply along with what @TheZZL stated on different maps they are spawned in spots away from the main holding cells. On some maps where the line is not commonly known I personally go with the room/area where the main cells are held until I hear a CT restrict a certain area there. Although the thought of iso being a cell is not my main concern (it’s not considered a cell).


I would like a better clarification on what may truly be considered “FD no past first cell”, would it be the first cell on any end, the one closest to armory, or just the general area. Although it seems common sense for this it doesn’t hurt to ask.


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What I usually do is if someone is past iso I kill them. And no iso is not 1st cell as it is the cell all the way at the bottom left that is first cell iso is different story when the say fd no past fc they mean the first cell connected to all the other cells

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Honestly I have heard this order many times in the past and there was no confusion at all. The times when I have been on people have been specific with their order. By saying no past first cell, then don't go past the first cell. If the CTS wanted them to not go past iso, they would simply say free day no past iso.


So heres my answer: Isolation does not count as first cell but if the CTS want them not to go past isolation, they must specify that.

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Also, an update regarding our position on Isolation and its classification as a cell:


- New Question:

  • Q- Is Isolation a cell?
  • A-
    No. While we acknowledge that Isolation is an area where Ts may spawn it is not considered a cell.


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