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1v1 Tournament

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1v1 Tournament


Also thanks @nick for the sick banner

To celebrate the return of the 1v1 server, there will be a tournament for people to prove their skill. Rules are basic just arrive at the tournament and do your best. In the end of 5 maps who ever had most MVPs wins!

1st Place:

contestwinner.png + VIP for one month

2nd Place: Subscriber for one month

3rd Place:1,000 credits

Thanks @Fuze for the help and to make it possible for us to have these rewards


1v1 Server -


October 5th at 6 PM EST

Be sure to join the events steam group


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Can we exclude @H4XOR from this? He cheats...


Also, what maps will we be doing? Because there’s a few maps like dust2cat and banana that are one sided. If possible to do maps similar to am_grass where it’s practically identical on both sides whichll make it more even.

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