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this has prob already been made somewhere but idk where it is


Hey guys, if you remember your dreams, what's the weirdest and most interesting one that you've had?



I tend to have real crazy dreams so just buckle up ok


So last night I had a dream that I was at some large festival in the middle of a neighborhood/parking lot area. It was pretty crowded, and it had a bunch of vendors and police nearby. All of a sudden we all heard a bunch of gunshots, and people either got to the ground or tried to run away. Everytime someone tried to stand up and run, they were wither shot, or.. someone threw an axe at their head and killed them. Police continued to barricade us all in, in hope that they would be able to captured the assailants. People were dropping to the ground left and right. I managed to escape to an area with one of the police officers. I decided this was probably my safest option and chose to stay around him. Eventually they had caught what was one of the three assailants; he kinda looked like he was cracked out. He ended up babbling about where the hideout was, and we headed there. The axe wielding guy, who was dressed like the clown from It, had already died by the time we got there. He had tried jumping into the elevator and got caught inbetween the elevator and the wall and..it was not pretty to say the least. The other assailant was a woman, maybe older, all dressed in black, who was standing in her closet talking to her sister who was uh.. kinda all chopped up and in a bag. The police apprehended the remaining two and I got to go home.


On my way home, I walked with a group of people. There was some sort of smarty pants guy who was talking to me about the stars and I thought it was kinda cute. We started talking. Things were going okay, but I noticed that he was being flakey pretty often. For some reason, that day I wanted to go and check out the crime scene of the killers that I had gone to. Once I got there, I saw.. the guy I was talking to, along with a few people I didn't recognize, in the kitchen surrounding a large mound of flesh. I can't exactly remember any dialogue here, except that I wouldn't say anything and I got to leave.

I would go back to that place every now and again to see him, because for some reason he had made it his home. One day he had his grandmother over and he killed her right before my eyes, just so he could add her to his mound of flesh. He told me that it was for some greater purpose that I would soon come to understand. He had left to go work on things for a bit, so I started snooping around. There was a room were animals connected to wires, seemingly dying, along with what seemed to be a corpse connected to the same wires. I'm assuming he was trying some sort of crackhead way to either make himself immortal or to bring someone back to life. Of course, because this was still a cRIME SCENE, police had stopped by to do some following up and they noticed that people were inside the house. I grabbed whatever I could (and one of the cats that were hooked up to the wires, I couldn't get the dog.. sorry) and ran into a connected office area of where the house was and hid. One of the police officers came in, and I ushered him over in my direction, told him to be as quiet as I could, and to get me the hell out of there.


The officer seemed like a pretty nice guy. He had called for backup and we got in his car and left. The cat I still had me had been acting strange, but it didn't seem to be hostile in any way. We tried taking back ways so that we wouldn't be followed. The guy seemed to have found out that I left and that I took a part of his experiment and made an effort to follow me. No matter where we turned, he was there. We managed to lose him eventually. I don't know what happened to the cat, but I still kept in contact with the officer, and I guess we started dating.

The officer and I decided one day to go this outside bar/restaurant. All of a sudden, the psychopath that I had been talking to appears, with some sort of telekinesis powers. He started grabbing whatever he could, like poles, pieces of cars, and hurled them at me. I managed to avoid most of them. The police officer did his best to keep me back and fight back, but at the moment he looked away, the psychopath managed to throw a large pole at me. It had hit my head, and I died. The officer was so infuriated that he actually managed to kill the psychopath, but the damage was done. The both of us were dead.

Somehow, the officer had managed to out my soul/essence/brain whatever into a giant pink robot so that I could continue fighting crime and being by his side.

Fucking weird bro.

There was definitely a lot more to this, but I don't remember a ton of it and it's kinda hard to explain through text.


please tell me ur stories so i don't feel crazy lmao

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I used to have this reoccurring dream as a kid where im being followed/chased around my neighborhood by some black SUV and im trying to run away by hopping over fences to peoples backyards and shit. the car kept following me and i could never escape, it just went on forever.

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About 3 years ago, for a period of two years, I had a recurring dream with an average frequency of ~once every 3 nights.


The dream went as follows:

It started with a perfect replica of my reality at that point, so I was in my own room, laying in my bed, sleeping. A few moments later, I wake up (inside the dream), and start moving my eyes around the darkness, trying to distinguish the outlines of my room.


Suddenly, still sunk in darkness, my eyes barely have time to focus on a huge black spider speeding in the air from the ceiling in a diagonal direction, with a clear direction and purpose to enter my mouth.


Its body the size of a human fist.


The first time I had this dream was the first and only time in my life when I woke up screaming. Just like in the movies, the way I never really believed was possible.


I woke up screaming and kicking the air in front of me, trying to fight off the spider. I woke up the entire house, obviously, and I spent most of what was left of the night checking my room for spiders, despite being completely aware that it was just a dream. I was sort of hoping I had actually opened my eyes for real and probably saw a tiny innocent spider in the air above me and turned reality into a scary dream. But it was really, just a dream.


The next time I had the dream, just a few days later maybe, I didn’t scream. But I did the air kicking, and I did try to find peace by looking in every corner of the room, digging for that potential spider.

Then after a while, I would only turn on the light on my nightstand to get a grip of reality and went back to sleep shortly.

Then after some more months, I would only flinch a little, pinch a second of reality to dismiss the dream before moving on to other nicer dreams.


Then, after a while (a total of two years), it stopped. Completely.


Spiders are still a recurring theme in my dreams, but mostly playing inoffensive roles.

I personally don’t define myself as arachnophobic, but not the opposite either. I can watch spiders for hours, I am fascinated with them. I do that with a lot of curiosity and little fear. But having any kind of physical interaction with a spider is terrifying for me. I like them, but only if they keep their distance.

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I generally don't remember any of my dreams, especially recently.


The last dream I remember is probably from around a month ago when I dreamt I was walking down the street, went into a store, bought some stuff and started heading back to my dorm. Nothing abnormal really, until I got about 250 yards from my dorm when I started noticing people just staring at me, with no rhyme or reason to it. I then opened the door to the main entrance of my dorm, walked through and as I turned to go up the stairs to get to my floor, the elevator next to me opened and I got shot by a masked man.


I then woke up drenched in sweat.

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