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Goodbye from Fonzi

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So my time has come to move on from Steam-Gamers, I feel that it is the right time to step down and move on to more important things especially IRL stuff. I have been feeling this way for quite a while now, not sure if I'll be playing on SG servers anymore either, nothing against them, I just have other things that I am interested in at the moment. Xbox being one of them, Streaming on twitch and my job/life stuff. It has been a long and fun 10 years in SG and a lot that I will remember. I have many shout outs to give to my homies as well. @fantastic @Bdcoll @Suri @BoM @Wawa @Greggy G @Charliere @Clamor @Gentoo @McBride @whimsy @Sh4d0w @Eskomo @FLuiD @papa @Phonicz @Im Sad @James @Huwajux @Paralyzed @Revenga @Elemental @SilentGuns


Anyone else that I did not mention directly, you are all awesome as well.


You guys and gals are fabulous and fantastic, I am glad we became friends and gamed together for all this time, I will not forget it.


I might come back for a scrim from time to time but that is about it, maybe whenever Greggy is on I'll stop by to open up a knife in his honor as well XD. SG will be missed.

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