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New Rank / Promotions!

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Hello everyone,


We have some exciting promotions today!


First, we have a new rank to announce. We're introducing a new manager role which will be taking over management of the CAs - Lead Advisor! This person will have the same responsibility set as a CA, with the addition of overseeing the CA team. The first incumbent of this rank will work with us to shape the role, which is why we're very confident with the person we've selected. Please welcome roux into his new role!


Now onto some other promotions.


First, to the Events Team, we're promoting bat! His new responsibilities will include:


  • Organize, plan, and run events
  • Manage/Promote special events on our servers
  • Manage and monitor gaming tournaments (ie. SGSL)
  • Make sure servers are ready for all special events
  • Schedule events to fill servers in need via the steam community
  • Work with the Administrative Team to create events that cater to community interests


Next, to the Modding Team, our newest addition will be Noxstar! His new responsibilities will include:


  • Work with the Administrative Team to find and fix errors and exploits found in maps, models, textures, etc.
  • Creating and developing projects for the servers including maps, models, textures, etc.
  • Arming requested maps for use on the servers.
  • Porting popular maps and models from other games to CS:GO for use on the servers.
  • Work with the Media Team to develop graphics for completed projects.
  • Work with the Administrative Team and Events Team for the production of event based projects.


Lastly, we have two new members of the Administrative Team! These two people have been putting in an insane amount of work in their current ranks and we're excited to see what they do in their new ones. Please welcome Dong and ThRza as our two newest additions to the team! Their new responsibilities will include:


  • Verify that servers are operational
  • Reboot dead/lagged servers
  • Assist in training new admins
  • Monitor the Teamspeak 3 server
  • Grant access rights to Teamspeak 3
  • Search for new maps for all servers
  • Upload maps to the servers and fast downloads site
  • Edit map lists & rotations



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