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SteamGamers: Episode VI - Return of the Promotions

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Hello everyone,


Today we have a couple exciting promotions to announce.


First, we'll be promoting someone to Lead Advisor! This person has shown an extreme passion for his role and has clearly displayed his leadership abilities, which is why we're very confident that he'll do well in this role. Phoenix_ will be the new incumbent of this position! His responsibilities will be the same, with the addition of managing the Community Advisors.


Next, we're promoting another Events Manager! This person has been putting in a ton of work as a member of the Events Team and has shown he's ready to take on a management role. We're very excited to see the results as he works alongside the current EM and we firmly believe the team will become even better than it already is. John will be our second EM! His responsibilities will stay the same, with the addition of managing the Events Team.


Please join me in congratulating these two on their new positions!

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