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What is a burger?

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Due to a recent thread posted, I've decided to make a thread describing what a burger is. A burger is a type of GROUND BEEF that is grilled, fried, or boiled in between a bun with a variation of condiments in between. This is paraphrased from multiple different definitions of the term burger or hamburger thus making something like the Original Chicken Sandwich from Chick-fil-a, not a burger. I rest my case.

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Keep gulping down your red meat nerds, its 2020 and the biggest burger joints in America serve meals with the label 'burger' and its not ground beef.


'You can use the word burger as a casual shorthand for hamburger, which is ground or minced beef that's fried and served on a bun. A burger can also be made of other ingredients, like turkey or tofu or lamb. In fact, if you shape food into a patty, grill it, and put it on a roll or bun, you can call it a burger'


However, to clarify, this does not mean a chicken sandwich is a burger. That is quite simply: a chicken sandwich.

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