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Rust Zerg Event!

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shoutout @crazedkangaroo for da banner

Rust Zerg Event


Come one come all to cause some mayhem starting February 13th. We're going to Zerg a Rust server and make it SG vs. the world. We plan on streaming the first night or over the weekend, but we encourage people to play together over the week of the wipe and get a sick base going. Hope to see you all there!

Small disclaimer that this is not a 'raid' or 'troll' on a server, we are actually playing Rust and want to leave a good mark on the server, thanks.



February 13th (wipe is at 5:00 PM EST)-20th



Rusty Moose Main




Special thanks to @Alex and @Phoenix_ of helping me make this possible!



And while you're here you might as well join the Events Team steam group to stay updated on other events we have to offer!



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