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Would you like to see SG introduce a KZ server?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see SG introduce a KZ server?

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KZ Server

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Not an original idea, I know for a fact this idea has been on the waters. I just would like to see if this could be given a little more attention on the table and hear from the community what everyone thinks about having an SG KZ server with map records, long jump stats, etc.


Making this post to see what everyone's thoughts and opinions.


EDIT 1: Thank you to all the replies and those who supported!

I added a poll as suggested by @Che

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A fantastic game mode that originates as far as 1.6 with a lot of potential. House of Climb used to dominate the ranks with their KZ servers but now other communities like Sneak and SNG have successfully built their own too. @Prez is the biggest advocate I know for this because back when he was BD he wanted us to run one full-time.

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Crazy I was just thinking about this recently. KZ/Climb is super fun and I would love to have a timed server for it and events even for it if possible. I would probably main it over Jailbreak or even as a side server. I know personally a ton of people who would play this who don't play SG servers. Great idea @Dominik.

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I am also supporting a kz server if we can get members of SG on it frequently. definitely needs some sort of points system, lj/bhop leaderboards, contests like we have for bhop and surf now.

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