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Hey guys!


Hope everyone is doing great, just wanted to let everyone know how things were going as if this website was my personal diary. Currently taking ORGO 2 and its been a bitch lately but we putting this work in and I'll get that grade I want. I'm still with my girlfriend Ashley and its almost 2 years of us being together. Things are great and I think she's the one guys, I'll come back years later and let you guys know if I put a ring on it. Next year is my junior year and I'll have to start studying for the DAT and start looking at schools to apply to, and I'm really excited. Hope everyone is in a place in their life that they are proud to be in or working to be the best they could be. I hope everyone is healthy and living life, so happy to see the community still going :)


Cheers and much love,


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Thanks for checking in @jim. Personally I am doing great and the past weekend has been great too. I am almost starting high school even though I sound like I am 10. Anyways, I hope you and your girlfriend are doing good and I hope you get in to the school you want to go to. Keep studying hard grades are very important let's preach for that 100. (I am sure you're fully aware that grades are important but keep up the hard work!) :)

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@Black Rain


OMG YES! Btw how is med school?? My dream is dental school but I love hearing from healthcare profession students :)


Currently on a break because I want to transfer to a different school, but prior to that it was super exhaustingggg. My friends and I cried nearly every day over studying and trying to keep up, but we'd be partying after exams for a whole weekend wishing it would never end :lul: time goes by so quick! You get easily burnt out, you lose sleep, you forget to eat on time, but in the end it's super rewarding once you get those damn grades because you're one step closer to finishing!


A few old friends from high school who are interested in dental school told me the DATs have lots of orgo in it so learn it well! I actually liked Orgo 1 but I dreaded 2 so much :( in two years, you're gonna be off to dental school and you're gonna be so proud of yourself when you get that accepted letter :'] I look forward to hearing more about your journey! All the best

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