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it was removed on 9/4/19 due to not being played enough.

If you feel like it should be added back you can make a map suggestion.





Today we're removing quite a few maps. For the most part, these maps have been on the server for a while but haven't been played much, which is our major concern. However, we had a discussion with the SA+ and all agreed that they just generally don't do well on the server. Here is the list:


- ba_arizona_2_2

- ba_jail_future_v2a

- jb_fortify_v2-2

- jb_jailberd_v5_final_fix

- jb_carceris_021

- ba_jail_blackops_v3

- jb_shapeshifter

- jb_prisonbreak_galaxy_v2d

- jb_peanut_v3r

- jb_sg_dojo_v5-6


Now, if you disagree strongly with any map on this list, you can request it in the Map Suggestions section again. I would also encourage all of you to find more maps online to request, as we could use a few more.


Stay tuned for some more updates!

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