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Question of the day 3/7/2020

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As a southern man, I take pride in my guns. I'd personally hold an angle with all the guns laid around my house whether it be to the 12 gauge in the closets, hidden revolvers in secret books laid throughout the house. And we can't forget the lovely AR Blackout and the MP5. Honestly, if a burglar comes in and hears the sound of a 12 gauge cock they will pretty much run or even hear a shot fire.

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Remember that meme a while back of the Alexa program (or whatever it was) where it was turn lights to red, play duel of fates, etc. I basically did this except using some other things and sensors I had. Obviously it's not exactly how the meme had it, I made it more legit, but its still funny and scary af lol.

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Break into my house? (My mom doesn’t want me to own a gun when I turn 18), but if I did have a gun and you broke into my house where my younger brother and sister are across the house, the burglar would be dead. If you break into someone’s home, where they should feel the most safe, you give up all your rights and you are at mercy of whoever lives there.

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I've always thought about what I would do in this situation, and here's my plan.


I run into my brother's room, which is connected to my room by a bathroom (Something the burglar won't know), and get to his desk. Once there, I crawl underneath his chair and into the back part of the foot area. Unbeknownst to anyone except me and my brother, the desk/cabinets have a small narrow and vertical space behind it where if you crawl underneath you can access. From there I call 911 and try to hold my breath so the burglar can't hear me.

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