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Steam-Gamers Cards Against Humanity!

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It's time for cards against humanity!

How do I play?


Cards Against Humanity is a card game where there are 2 types of cards, a black card and a white card. When the game starts, a black card gets put down and all of the people playing except for one person who is the card czar has to put down a white card, which answers the question. Once everyone puts down their white cards the card czar picks the funniest white card that answers the question. The person who put down the white card chosen funniest by the czar gets a funny point. Rinse and repeat while switching czars every turn until a set amount of funny points are reached. The person with the most funny points wins the game. (P.S. We will also be using a website where pictures can be used as answers on the white cards)





The games will be played on https://azala.info. I made an account so we can skip the waiting list and play!

You can also come into the Steam-Gamers Discord server where we will be doing most of the talking during the games! Click the discord icon below to join!







April 20th, 7pm est. See you all there!


While you are here, you might as well join our steam group!


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