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Secret Hitler Event!

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How To Play

Secret Hitler is back! Last time people really enjoyed this event so we're bringing it back. Basically there are 2 teams, the Liberals (majority) and the Fascists (minority) with a 3rd role of Hitler who is the leader of the Fascist team. Liberals only know their own role and Fascists only know who the other Fascists are. (kind of like Innos and Traitors on TTT). Hitler only knows his own role and tries to find out who his Fascist friends are. Every round, players vote on a President and Chancellor. The President is given 3 cards, either fascist or liberal policies, and they choose one to discard. The remaining 2 cards are given to the Chancellor who picks which one they want to discard meaning the other one gets enacted. Liberals win by enacting 5 liberal policies or by killing Hitler, Fascists win by electing Hitler as Chancellor after 3 fascist policies have been enacted or by simply enacting all of the fascist policies. There are also other actions that take place once a certain number of fascist policies are enacted such as the President checking a player's role or choosing to assassinate a player.





A link will be posted on the day of the event. There will also be a TeamSpeak channel for the event.

TeamSpeak Server: ts.steam-gamers.net




May 3rd 7:00 EST



Thanks to @nick for the banner!


While you are here, you might as well join our steam group!


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