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Which Keys Go Where?

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1st key belongs to W.


2nd key belongs to E. 


3rd key belongs to A.


4th key belongs to S. 


5th key belongs to D. 


6th key belongs to X. 


You're missing the ESC key. Thanks for the Premium Supporter @TheZZL:thumb:

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2nd from the left is W

2nd from the right is S

Rightmost is X

Leftmost is E

Middle Left is A

Middle Right is D


Also you're missing seven keycaps, but only six are pictured above. This is rigged.

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2 minutes ago, Black Rain said:

y'all keep saying he's missing the ESC key buuuuuuuuuut maybe one of those is actually the ESC key and one of the others is really missing 





Nah I lost the ESC key months ago, but that one was also worn off. Sooooo maybe one of those in the main pic IS the ESC key and I found that key thinking it was a different key....

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