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The Morning...

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You fell asleep in your own comfortable black abyss, to then wake up to something new. White, Gray, Blue, Yellow, Orange. The colours of the early morning. To some, they enjoy this greeting. To others they despise it.


The morning chill, regardless of season it will always be there. The birds singing a song together, communicating to one another. Sorrowful Joy that cleanses your ears. 


A car starts in the background that you never see. You never see it leave, you don't hear it leave, you only hear it turn on. Wheels on asphalt driving past your residence, heading to their own sad abyss.

Now it's your turn to get up. To go to school, to work, walk your dog, or exercise. We all are a lot more similar than it so seems, but we have our own responsibilities.


The morning will always bring something new, no matter what that is; the smallest hue change is different than the last. Cherish every day you have, because it might be the last time you can.


Good morning.



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4 minutes ago, Arctic said:

What a delightful, peaceful post. Thank you for this Lynxie, you always somehow manage to put a smile on my face during my hardest times. 




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13 minutes ago, delirium said:

As a member of "left the house before the sun came up" gang I cannot relate.

Gotta tell the sun to wake up. Assert dominance over your local celestial bodies.

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