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  1. @fastgotta wipe off the rust and sweat the guys
  2. ZE ON TOP BABY! Events are gonna be popping now!
  3. A nice way to come back after AP exams! You'd best be there to lead us, cause I know I'm gonna be braindead
  4. I've been waiting for this moment for a while now. I'll make some time between studying, can't wait for this.
  5. I greatly miss coming off of school and being able to log into ZE to find a bunch of familiar names and friendly voices. I'm all for having a talk about the server and trying to bring it back up, hopefully with old and new faces in.
  6. actually excited for this because I'm picking up Arma 3 soon, and would love to have some people to play with
  7. ....... does that include you?
  8. Is the event happening or nah @BloodBlades?
  9. Ive got enough money burning a whole in my pocket, and I used to play seige on my ps4, think its worth the buy @Arctic wolf?
  10. @Nate.better be here for this event, gotta whoop him for missing out on the past couple ZE events.
  11. The question is will you be there for your own event?
  12. That was a fun event! Didn't get as much pop as I'd hope (cough cough @Nate.cough cough), but we got to learn the new PC map. Thankyou for hosting this event, and I look forward to the next one.