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    Admoon apps

    Abstain leaning towards reapply
  2. fuck 2 weeks make it 2 years 😹😹😹💪🙏🙏😤😤😤

  3. Friendly reminder to look in the mirror, adjust the crown on your head and remember who tf you are.

    1. The Real Slim Jim

      The Real Slim Jim

      This Ye Post Was Brought To You By: Yo Mamma

  4. I think the answer should be like what daft says don't be a dick head but, unfortunately that's just not how it's gonna work. The glitch will not be patched unless abused, than... You can see where I'm going. The fact is that as long as it's not a rule people really won't give a fuck. Defined not a glitch from the 20 scrolls himself (when apparently everybody else disagrees), so if this does happen to you in game and says they cheated even if it was the "glitch", under the rules you can dome them. But also don't be a cockhead.
  5. 😐

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    2. BloodBlades


      🤨 i aint even playing plus you fell off plus yb better

    3. dolo


      L + ratio + you begged me to be your partner 

    4. BloodBlades


      False + ratio + yb still better

  6. dolo

    Counter-Blox Scrim!

    I can make it to the second game and possibly 3rd I get off work at 7 so ill be there don't worry. LETS GO BOYS