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  1. Making my post look bad I only think chat orders should be banned for lr but completely removing the ability is way to far. Yes sometimes I just don't wanna speak and we should encourage that since my average k/d goes up about 4x but that's not the point the point is that removing a large part of the community is overall bad especially the overwhelming discourage in wanting to play ct because your scared you'll mess up and get in trouble. -YOUR favorite JB Reg DOLO
  2. the rule is that the T has to give rules before the LR starts but its up to the CT's discretion to accept the rules if and only if the rules aren't stated before the LR is activated / accepted
  3. easily fixed by saying "All T's lr by (a certain time)" this is usually said anyways This isn't exploiting a rule when a CT cheats the lr and kills them and has to slay they are not breaking a rule I merely said the are abusing the ability to use chat as rules so that the ct slays for cheating lr and free killing I totally disagree with your statement I think many people a overwhelming amount of people prefer voice over chat for lr rules because you know who said it and if they actually said it or not. Its a pain in the ass to scroll up half way up the chat to say if they say first shot while you get knifed in the back because your frozen not moving. its isn't when 8 messages and different rules from other people are in the chat and combined more messages since the rules are before those two messges that says they have sent a lr and that they have denied / accepted the lr block the way of the rules and are not seen. I also thought of this and a easy solution is to just tell the ct where you want it in chat if that ct denies where it will be since it is at their discretion and a ct can pick a spot if needed you don't need to cry over not being able to pick pool catwalk as your spot of choice not the argument it is the confusion that it brings along because of the spam of lr messages being followed which if a enemy is standing still in a shot4shot your csgo instinct is to shot right away not being able to see the rules because you cant hear it and its no longer in your messages because of the spam that the lr messages create
  4. Quoting snoopy aka Poopy Heads post it glitched Wouldn't this completely take away Gun Toss and Shot4Shot for people who don't use/have mics? I understand it's not that big of a deal but Shot4Shot and Gun Toss are pretty much the most popular LR modes in jb. This wouldn't take away from shot4shot or guntoss like I explained in the post above the only thing it would take away from people that don't talk is the first shot ability and possibly the rule to spam. As well as they can still make rules but it would be the cts choice to follow them or not if they were created in chat. Also isn't jailbreak focusing on trying new things as well then this would increase noscope and knife battles which imo are the most fun
  5. agreed but then again I haven't got a gun toss request in 2 weeks and then the rules would be default rules but whether the T goes or CT goes is up top the CT at that point so really dont see a problem with removing them
  6. I don't know how many times I have seen someone not see a rules for a lr in chat like first shot in a shot4shot or how impossible it is to give chat rules in gun toss. So many times have i seen a ct just blow someone's brains out because they haven't seen the rules of that lr because of how the lr system works and it definitely get lost in the chat. At this point some Terrorists use it as a strategy to get the CT to cheat the lr and slay the very next round. This is why i think it would be necessary for verbal rules instead of text rules because of the chat spam that usually happens during a lr requests. This isn't a major change for the rules but it would definitely eliminate such a loop hole for T's to abuse further. Thanks for Reading have a nice day!
  7. if communicated expectations are not met then will they be enforced seeing SG's recent activity of not doing anything about inactive CA+'s I expect it wont be. Ill be ready for 2 replies on my admin application but now that I've pissed off the cock sucking pussies that only look up to you for a future position I guess that I should expect some reapplies from people that haven't played a game with me once
  8. Worst decision possibly ever made. Yes people can support boost someone out of nowhere but really doesn't do anything since its the higherups and people that have real playtime that make the quality posts on the admin applications and judging that I don't think I've seen a lot of CA's and SM's other than ZZL and Astral and sometimes scrolls on jb this will fuck over the jailbreak community and their ability to actually go for admin since they have no one to go off of. You know who plays the most on the servers that gives input on admin apps those people that you are trying to get rid of. REGULARS. REGULARS play the most out of all CA's and SM's and now you aren't going to get the real shape of a person your going to get single digit occurrences that the CA's and SM's have experienced. I encourage you to change your vote and to repeal this awful rule.
  9. dolo

    JB CT Healthboost

    agreed i dont think it should be taken away but only decreased so that the ct cant get more health than was given off spawn maybe reduced down to a 100 health boost instead of 135 seems a lot more balanced
  10. 8750 lol jb main lol top 5 in ct time lol
  11. we know poop head scroll up to see what we are talkign about
  12. would this run into a problem if a ct purposely aborts a lr it would be the same as forfeiting the lr and the T would then be KOS i think a revision to make less of a loop hole is if a ct dies during a lr than the T in the lr would be KOS
  13. Hello

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      Is vip worth it ? Im considering buying it

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      No lol you have admin color already all you will get is skins and credits 

  14. Had this same argument the other day and I totally agree that even if a lr is aborted the T by default had to win the LR if the ct lost by getting killed by a outside force the T should be kos since they won the LR if you don't have a opponent anymore than your winner by forfeit basically