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a little bit of trolling

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some dumbass scammer DMed me and I wanted to ask him as many questions as I could. I ended up sending the "Steam admin" a gabagool gif and he instantly un-added me. the trade01 guy ended up joining the voice chat and then william and i just called him a loser until he disconnected. fun times. also, happy birthday @Greggy G









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25 minutes ago, Zero Two said:

Its funny cuz about a week back someone tried to do this to me and i told them i counter reported him and he just never wrote back

Oh, I ussually just play with them than tell them to fuck off you retarded piece of shit than tell my "best friend" @Creten and @Nate. in General of the Steam Hyphen Gamers Discord

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Update: The Erik. P retard messaged me but on the other account. Not sure if its two different people but he tried to pull the same thing this morning. He changed his name to Seapunkcaptain but he had the same Erik. P name and profile picture. The other two accounts had their names changed. What a bunch of dunces.





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