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Whats your favorite cheese

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My favorite cheese is easily feta, while I don't go out of my way to eat this cheese straight up, it is a phenomenal ACCESSORY CHEESE. It can make some normal food items taste great, such as salad, gyros, and pizza


This new drake album got me feeling some type of way tbh, ive been craving a salad with feta and strawberries and sesame seeds and walnuts ever since 12:01 this morning. drake got me feeling like a bad bitch fr



whats your favorite cheese and why

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Easy answer would be mozzarella right? It's gotta be like the most common on food cheese thing you know what I mean. Personally I'm a fan of pepper jack. I don't eat much cheese like that (I'm different) but I like pepper jack on my burgers and sandwiches. Gives a nice zing.


This one diner I used to go to a lot has a burger called the south of the border burger and it came with pepper jack and chipotle mayo and that shit slapped


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