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  1. Unfortunately it is a private plugin that is tied into some values pulled out of stripper.
  2. You smell bad my fellow new yorker

  3. Dont want to format this so bear with me. Corona has me bored so I decided to hop onto SG for a while and noticed ppl wanting to revive it. So heres a bullet list of stuff off few days playing. 1. Knockback is insanely high that it doesnt give zombies a fair chance. a. Was on a few maps and had a few moments where I was pinned to a corner by only two humans and almost made me want to leave. Pretty sure lots of ppl feel this way. b. Lower knockback such that corner pinning happens less frequently, also makes being a zombie more bearable because getting knocked off ledges happens less. c. Increase tagging to counteract knockback decrease. which allows you to actually move forwards when being shot and also reduces the amount of people that can abuse high knockbacks and use it to strafe into humans (seen this happen on other servers and have done this myself). d. Nades need to be nerfed as well since one good nade can pretty much destroy a zombie push and with an average of 60 nades on the human team at a given time thats way too strong imo. Prefer to just remove the knockback and leave the ignite. 2. Need to eliminate this "anti-tryhard" culture a. too many people talking over instructions and fucking around when we're trying to progress on maps. b. not sure if I addressed this a few years ago but kind of annoying having to talk over guys dicking around and trolling. c. I mean the point of playing a hard map is to try to win it right? d. Admins afraid of muting people talking over instructions. e. See many people leave over a frustrating round when ppl just talk over others and nothing is done about it. personally I would if this were the case. 3.Too much "fluff" a. particles that follow player models tend to get distracting on certain maps. b. tracers are fine b/c i found that it helps newer players learn where to shoot. c. trails and like sparks get kinda distracting when theres like 60 of them going on hypothetically. d. Also download time for people new to the server is kinda insane. spent like 2 minutes redownloading stuff even with 1gbps download. feel free to counter my points or ask questions. I'll respond when I'm free. Also unban my boi fridthiof
  4. Even then not a lot of people would join because you know how boring it is to defend against 5 people that know what theyre doing and the other 30 getting lost.
  5. Increase tagging time to prevent bhoppers 1 second is enough. Decrease initial slow when shot because you can be frozen to hell if people can aim for once. Decrease nade kb by 70%. Decrease firing kb by 50% if you want to compensate for tagging changes.
  6. What If i want to use AK47 and become legendary westersand rifle master
  7. How bout we just assign an event winner rank through steam id instead of creating another plugin for it and lagging the server. Win the event or map and you get shit ezpz
  8. How many memes am I going to see today
  9. If you want secrets from tabarnac you might want to go on a ze server where hes not permed
  10. Need some kiddos to organize a new fapescape event. I'm down to lead it and finally get that map over with. Also for unknown underground. You can mark it as completed as test mode is basically level 1 but with a unkillable zombie controlled boss room at the end once you clear it. I've tried offline to kill it but could not since it seems to be invincible.
  11. Beat frozentemple, ripsuhdude, crazyescape today. I dont know what happened with artika base since I had to leave for dinner.