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  1. I don't know if this possible, but when an admin is disguised their karma should change to random karma to make it less obvious that they are an admin.
  2. why dont you get karma from the kills you get from it?
  3. Why can another detective destroy another detective's health station without permission? I was a detective and another detective destroy when i was healing. I couldnt do anything and basically wasted my credits.
  4. Since there are many t items, I think it would be much easier to buy stuff on the t menu which is also possible on the gmod version of ttt. I don't know if you guys really want to add this but this something that can be on the bottom of the to-do list if you guys have one.
  5. this happen many time on the map Damons cannon that can be easily destory. I thought it was against the rules to be an innocent and desotry the testor but admins that were on isnt telling me anything. yes i know its kos.
  6. thats all, i just want to have random teleport logs in console and change the name to Swap.
  7. Trazz btw you @ the wrong popo. I tried to get my forums name changed to popo but since it was already taken I couldn't, but I feel like they been inactive for awhile now,
  8. NGL I have already forgotten most of what we discussed in the meeting. is there a video or something I can watch to refresh what they talk about in the jb meeting?
  9. If the hitbox is fucked up I'm going to summit1g you phoenix
  10. Wouldnt there be a command to implement with the warday set of rules? It kinda sounds stupid if we could do it from voice because I think CT needs to agree to do wardays and then announce it to all of the servers so they know its warday. The command will somewhat help admins keep track of whos doing warday and how many times they are doing. Tell me if I need to fix my sentences.
  11. check dms

  12. im gonna guess you never play tf2 since the art guy for tf2 is the same art guy for valorant. it fits right at home for me cause i play tf2
  13. my main thought was this for player complaints like Kieran said
  14. there could some form of deleting system after two maps enough time for someone to download the dl and use it as evidence. when I said two maps I mean like the map that is currently playing and next map that is coming up