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  1. -Rep. He told me his dog could nae nae and failed to deliver

  2. Mehgu

    SG Open Signups

    add me in as a Free Agent. Im usually free during the week
  3. Mehgu

    Welcome to the community!

  4. STEAM_0:1:108420348 [ATTACH=CONFIG]19575[/ATTACH]
  5. Mehgu

    Your Favorite Movie

    my favorite movie growing up was Monsters' inc. Ive watched it like 100 times
  6. I was just sitting in the shower, pretending to be a rubber duck of course, and this thought popped into my head... Out of all the Admins, who is the person you think would legally change thier name to put [sG] in it?
  7. I recently watched hereditary, I shit myself.
  8. I like the idea. I want to see my chicken head flopping around.
  9. as much as I would love to stab the jb nerds....I have a basketball tournament that day
  10. I would do it but im a zoe one trick...
  11. Mehgu

    Your Favorite Sport

    My favorite sport to play is basketball cause im tall af I dont like watching sports cause id rather be playing videogames or watching anime
  12. [ATTACH=CONFIG]18780[/ATTACH] Take that