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  1. well deserved, congrats!
  2. When someone states "give me first shot" and I shoot them, they receive first shot. Me and another CT use this a lot, in game if the rules you give in an LR are broad then there are ways to play to my advantage but still be within the T's rules I will use them. As @kuri stated this should not need clarification if you give incomplete rules with gray areas then dont expect them to come out the way you want. Some T's have given rules such as "If you get first shot then shoot your feet" witch leaves no gray area and would allow the T to shoot the first shot with intent to damage their opponent.
  3. As someone who rarely plays ZE, I tend to have a blast as a human. Its surprisingly fun to fend off a horde of zombies who are actual players, but playing as that zombies is an immediate turnoff. As a zombie chasing a human who managed to get behind some of the leading zombies should be easy, they messed up and should be punished right? Well contrary to that they somehow manage to shoot the zombies chasing them once or twice and then slip back to the rest of the humans and that in of itself is super annoying, but then when you put that on top the zombie gameplay which consist of me sitting there holding W for over 5 minutes it gets very irritating. I don't have much time on ZE but those are just my thought.
  4. Rob.

    Everyone better respect the Silver Comp. General

  5. I think you mixed up the order a bit, but its coming together very well, good luck
  6. Map Fix Request Full map name jb_downtown_b2 Type of map Jailbreak Link to the map What the problem is At spleef you can shoot through the glass and kill CTs.
  7. give me the smoke then, ur offering it, free is free

  8. everyone wants smoke from the good guys, your on the list.

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    I gave you a warning, now time to make an example of you.

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    Thought you were a good guy...

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    Now its over

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    Whatchu gonna do? Internet mob me?