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  4. Due to the recently added map extension times for certain maps, allowing death games to be forced earlier might be a direction to move towards for these maps specifically. Possibly allowing a death game earlier in then 2:30 but having certain parameters such as, only being permitted to allow a certain portion of the T's to be killed off. While these maps are very big and do have a decent amount of non-death games that can be played, mixing this rule in could allow more of a much needed change for these longer maps. There are a couple flaws such as the possible confusion between what maps are allowed to be forced earlier in the round but nothing an automated chat message that would only go off on these maps couldn't fix.
  5. As someone who rarely plays ZE, I tend to have a blast as a human. Its surprisingly fun to fend off a horde of zombies who are actual players, but playing as that zombies is an immediate turnoff. As a zombie chasing a human who managed to get behind some of the leading zombies should be easy, they messed up and should be punished right? Well contrary to that they somehow manage to shoot the zombies chasing them once or twice and then slip back to the rest of the humans and that in of itself is super annoying, but then when you put that on top the zombie gameplay which consist of me sitting there holding W for over 5 minutes it gets very irritating. I don't have much time on ZE but those are just my thought.
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