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    jailbreak in 2021

    naturally im gonna get shit on for this and i expect that but a change in the rules would be very benifical. a lot of it is left up to common sense and very vague, allowing people to get away with the most random shit because it's still technically within the rules
  3. JB at the moment is fucking GARBAGE. Hot steaming pile of shit. Main reason probably are the kids coming into the servers being asswipes and annoying intentionally, but there's not much we can do about that. However, one problem that is shiningly clear if you log on the server at any time, it doesn't even need to be peak hours nowadays, is the amount of loopholes people do. The main problem at the moment is the damned SMG headshot warning shots. Admins have literally said that it is killing the server. Here is a bit of text from this morning; [Lieutenant] ramsec : anything under 100 is a ws [Lieutenant] ramsec : so im going to abuse that [Lieutenant] ramsec : because its funny Admins replying to this; [Lieutenant] [SG] Byte : its just annoying 金 [SG] jin : and thats why no one likes u as a ct A few DMs I got as well when I asked around; "i full on agree that headshot warning shots are retarded and should not be a thing" These warning shot head shots are nothing but cancer to the community right now. I have asked some admins and they said that they've talked about it in a admin voice chat already, but it's gotten to the point where people leave when they see notorious scum balls. It's not fun anymore, and I think that something should be fixed so people don't just totally abuse the loopholes that just ruin the game for everyone. People have said they are abusing it quite openly. Nobody has fun except the perpetrator with these headshot warning shots, and it's getting tiring.
  5. i think this is a classic example of lynxie shitpost just use your eyes bro, dont be retarded
  6. i have quite literally no cares about this. both the icons look fine to me. turn up your brightness i'd say. it's nice to not have icons that are scorching out my eyeballs at 12 at night, i prefer the new ones honestly. i can see the difference pretty clearly
  7. nah bro lmao he had a petition on jb today for quake, he loves it
  8. quake is a rlly good map, but as much fun as it is for t's, it still probably needs to be nerfed. 9.6/10 map it's so good
  9. I know some people (daft) have already made a thread on this, but I think it would be nice if it were addressed again. People say that healthboost is in a good state at the moment, but I don't think so. It is painfully overpowered in some situations, and it's annoying to play again and to use. It's gotten to the point where if someone where to use it someone calls them out on it, either thru dms or chat. Most of my complains are already covered in daft's thread, but it's mainly how it's retarded that when you're in a gunfight you can just pop it and you basically win, no matter what. It's also stupid that it makes it so you can survive an AWP shot, because an alert enough player could take the shot and then kill them. My proposal would be that, instead of boosting the ct's health up to 135, it heals 100 health. As well, maybe make it so that it activates 1-2 seconds after you buy it to counter that mid-gunfight bullshit. I feel healthboost was made more for when you just won a gunfight, and you're the last CT alive and no-where near medic, which would make my proposal great for that. This would make it so health shots would both be viable again, becasue you can either buy a healthboost to max your health again, or buy a health shot and something else, like a tactical awareness grenade. I think this would nerf it enough so it would be viable, but not overpowered. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. what do you MEAN i also helped >:((((
  12. we tried our best boys. at least #3 thats still rlly good