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  1. to add on to this, you have done this multiple times, when will you learn to just not ready up if you don't want to play?
  2. Yes I won't say any specifics names of rage quitters that help this problem but these kids Susawi, @Cheand fruity. Don't do this anymore, k? Specially mr.wannabeadmin che cuz that will stain your record. Thank you
  3. oh boi. Thanks oSen for the reminder!!! I will hop on now! What would I do without my TTT, Retakes and Scrims SM/Messiah.
  4. yikes... Who's going to tell him?
  5. I forgot to add that we have to populate the server for your bitch ass to come back and become an admin again. Frenchie <3
  6. We need more fun people to get on... I can't carry the server all by myself smh (this a good enough shit post?) oh and I agree with what was written
  7. AfterPot

    new sub

    I don't think that was ever in question lmao
  8. AfterPoo!

    1. AfterPot
    2. Bondairy


      Enjoys 2K21 and drinks bagged milk, sigh 

    3. AfterPot


      I drink bagged milk? 

      Even I didn't know that

  9. You will be splitting up the TTT COMMUNITY into 2 servers... Meaning less people to play in both....
  10. Don't worry. I'm here with you! (even if you hate me...)