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  1. Can't wait for the event Creten!
  2. Creten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MARVELOUS MACHINE OF AN EVENT COORDINATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST CAN'T W A I T FOR THIS EVENT!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP MAN!!!!!!!!!!
  3. MAN CRETEN YOU FRICKING SHARP-WITTED CHAP YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN! I just can't wait for this one...!!! :D
  4. Man I had a blast today on the space event maps!!! SO COOL!!! This event I can tell is going to be a blast to play on XD!!!
  5. Man I'm hyped for this event! Looking forward to it for sure!
  6. 9/5/20 Bug/Glitch: You can still get under the map on desperados. I know this was an issue a while ago but it seems to still be possible so I got a vid to help with zoning it off Add. Info:
  7. hey uh *rubs neck* do y-you think you can, like uh, teach me how to get more views. I mean! you..like totally don't have to! b-but i saw u get so p-populaw so quickyyly i figuwed i'd aswk


  9. Hey man what’s up!

  10. -Rep. He told me his dog could nae nae and failed to deliver

  11. I cannot disclose this information at the moment.
  12. The Elite group of TTT players have gathered to compile a list for you guys. Years have been played and put onto this list to create the perfect balance of what maps should stay, be brought back, or removed. Do with this as you please. [ATTACH=CONFIG]21638[/ATTACH]
  13. #2 all the way. STEAM_1:0:167732984