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  1. Don't give me hope...
  2. haha fucking loser


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    2. Creten



    3. Hypno


      How do you feel about the drama


    4. Creten


      i support whoever said they wanted to choke you

  3. -rep  scammed me out of $30 and then unadded me. Serious issue, won't message me back. How is he an IA?


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    2. Hypno


      Ok trazz you below average car soccer player. You have a difficult time driving up the walls and hitting the ball. You can't even line up a ceiling shot in training. I don't know why out of every comeback you go to a game you suck at.

    3. Trazz


      I am a high tier gamer. Bet you have never seen this before. 


    4. Hypno


      Carried like every other game. SMH

  4. Don't talk to this fucking loser.

  5. This is MY favorite Lead Server Manager!

  6. This is THE Creten here. THE Server Administrator and Event Coordinator. You better have respect when speaking to this BEAST. MAD Respect for you!!!!! Hang onto your dreams Creten!

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    2. Trazz


      God Creten he is just trying to spread some positivity!

    3. Creten


      shut the fuck up shrimp

    4. Trazz


      You're a 4ft gremlin that gets tucked in at night. 

  7. Actually good TTT event!
  8. Hypno

    JB Juggernaut event

    Wow! I'm hyped for this one!
  9. Jmc

    My favorite Youtuber!!!!

  10. Currently cringing

  11. Can't wait for the event Creten!
  12. Creten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MARVELOUS MACHINE OF AN EVENT COORDINATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST CAN'T W A I T FOR THIS EVENT!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP MAN!!!!!!!!!!
  13. MAN CRETEN YOU FRICKING SHARP-WITTED CHAP YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN! I just can't wait for this one...!!! :D