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    SG Chess Tournament

    Congrats to all players!
  2. Honestly yea I've seen a big problem with this. This and the cloth physics is colliding weird with shirts and such. I feel like the female models in the TTT server especially are having this problem. I don't know about other servers but it seems to be very apparent in TTT. I feel like if there was a command to hide all the female model's skirts and shirts just to make so the collision stops would be a very good add to TTT.
  3. How come whenever the word "karma" is uttered, eden just appears from no where?
  4. Wow! What a nice map setup!
  5. This fucking dude talks about the maps that he doesn't put out and thinks he's all the shit to get stuck on a simple mechanism on Minecraft for 6+ hours

  6. Giant loser degenerate

    1. Hypno


      such a fan


  7. TTT more like FeetFeetFeet amirite
  8. yes I agree, it is hard to get people on a server when the server has no people on it. Hardest thing is sitting and seeding for 30 mins with nothing to do.
  9. I'm going to be real. I've been seeing too many posts by idiots in the "Latest Posts" and "Popular Posts" section on the forums about some dumbass JB request or some stupid fucking question so I'm just trying to get some clickbait like title about TTT to hope and get more people talking about it. I recommend liking and replying with whatever you feel like saying about TTT. This topic has no direction other than just getting a TTT topic on the forums and hopefully more traction server wise. Make sure to like and reply to boost the post up the popular.
  10. Leave it to @the baconator for his first event to be one where there's a fatass with 400 hp. Feel like it's a bit of a self insert but looking forward to it!
  11. Server dead because players dead. TTT playerbase has had this happen multiple times. This isn't the first time the server has died. I mean we got TTT up to around top 500 during the start of the Race to The Top event and everyone that I know just got bored of playing TTT everyday. Not only that but just the playerbase isn't that appealing to play with. And I will stand by that. You get good friends to play with and fun admins to run the server I'll play but I don't want to play if 4/5 players on the server are annoying shitbags that makes the server unfun or admins with sticks so far up there ass that they don't know how to have fun. There are also just more games out there to play and have fun right around now such as Halo, Splitgate Beta, Minecraft, Powerwash Simulator, Rainbow 6 Siege... It's nothing against the events or calling for people to get on any more than it is just if people want to play TTT. Even when an event happens we reach like max pop and the server dies again a day later. If people don't want to sit and seed the server they probably have another game they want to play or something to do. If people wanted to play TTT then they would.