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  1. The AWP needs nerfed. That's about all I can say. It's extremely tiring getting killed by people who run down the longest hallway and can just stare at people and get 4 free kills. Personally, I don't think tripmines and Hurt Stations are that good. There are really only 2 types of traitors on TTT and those are the people who buy Silent Awp and just get 4 free kills, or people who go with whatever the troll meta is (Around this time in TTT it's just breach charges). I haven't been the most active playing on TTT but from what I remember is that the tripmines are one of the items that get thrown around by 1 person, used for that map for about every round and some people join in, then goes back to being not used for a bit. It may be a good item when a skilled player uses a tripmine such as '"Here comes dat chin" but most of the time the limited system of having to buy then place and buy again makes it hard to get away and place another one. It can be devastating if used correctly but only on two to three maps that it can really have an advantage compared to the Silent Awp. The Hurt Station one really makes no sense to me. I think I've ever been killed by 1 twice when I ran up and went AFK not looking at my health. It's pretty easy to spot when a microwave pops out of someone's shoes and they scatter away. I feel like the Hurt Station is one of the more balanced items talked about in this thread. If you ever die to a Hurt Station I feel as if you should feel bad about yourself and not get upset about the pricing being too low. It clearly gives time to break the machine after you see it take a chunk away from your health or if someone falls down while running on top of it. For haste rounds the only thing I have to say is that it's a nice change of pace. Even though I blank and forget about it being a haste round most of the time, it still helps out with the rounds that occur with one clueless T who has 0 kills with 2 minutes left in the round. The rounds actaully make T's kill people instead of wait for 2 minutes before shooting their first bullet.
  2. Hypno

    JB Juggernaut event

    Wow! I'm hyped for this one!
  3. Jmc

    My favorite Youtuber!!!!

  4. whats next hypno? tango?

  5. Can't wait for the event Creten!
  6. Creten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MARVELOUS MACHINE OF AN EVENT COORDINATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST CAN'T W A I T FOR THIS EVENT!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP MAN!!!!!!!!!!
  7. MAN CRETEN YOU FRICKING SHARP-WITTED CHAP YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN! I just can't wait for this one...!!! :D
  8. Man I had a blast today on the space event maps!!! SO COOL!!! This event I can tell is going to be a blast to play on XD!!!
  9. Man I'm hyped for this event! Looking forward to it for sure!
  10. 9/5/20 Bug/Glitch: You can still get under the map on desperados. I know this was an issue a while ago but it seems to still be possible so I got a vid to help with zoning it off Add. Info:
  11. hey uh *rubs neck* do y-you think you can, like uh, teach me how to get more views. I mean! you..like totally don't have to! b-but i saw u get so p-populaw so quickyyly i figuwed i'd aswk


  13. Hey man what’s up!

  14. -Rep. He told me his dog could nae nae and failed to deliver

  15. I cannot disclose this information at the moment.