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  1. Once summer comes around I can try to step up and seed. I have some idea's for TTT that may bring some people back but I can't promise I will have much of an impact but I can see if I can get some people on. For the moment though with finals coming up I don't expect TTT to get much of a boost before summer. But I do agree that in order for just TTT to come back there needs to be more at this point than just enjoyment. Maybe another Karma Contest to get a push of people no lifeing the servers for their anime models to be added on. I just don't think that the basic one day juggernaut copy paste events are going to help out with keeping it alive rather than a boost of 15 players on one map.
  2. Hypno

    MG Deathrun!

    There used to be a bunch of death run servers and I used to only play them. I got into CS community servers from deathrun servers. There’s a bunch of good maps and a surprisingly big player base for it. The reason for the lack is most likely the servers that did have deathrun just fully transferred into specific game modes
  3. Why didn't you also edit the first post?
  4. Pre game when it is just a deathmatch warmup phase, when a weapon is bought a lot it becomes unbuyable again and it gets pretty annoying to deal with. The only way I have found a way around it is to leave and rejoin which might effect your queue in playing. If there is a way to make it so a weapon can be bought as many times as possible without it becoming unbuyable I would very much appreciate it.
  5. I know this is a little late but I just want to throw my support into this as well. I don't even play scrim that often but when I get on and try to play a game and frag out with some friends it sucks when I have some washed twitch streamer who drops as many kills as videos he uploads in a year. Like some absolute goofball's that come in and suck ass even if they do play on the servers. I don't really mind them if they are on the servers though as much as I hate the 0 badge, no mic, unfunny kids that find there way into the server.
  6. Hypno

    SG Chess Tournament

    Congrats to all players!
  7. Honestly yea I've seen a big problem with this. This and the cloth physics is colliding weird with shirts and such. I feel like the female models in the TTT server especially are having this problem. I don't know about other servers but it seems to be very apparent in TTT. I feel like if there was a command to hide all the female model's skirts and shirts just to make so the collision stops would be a very good add to TTT.
  8. How come whenever the word "karma" is uttered, eden just appears from no where?
  9. Wow! What a nice map setup!