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  1. 6/28/21 The T item C4 is sometime undefusable. I have no clue on why this might be as it seems so hit and miss. My best guess would be something with the maps but I am currently unaware of all maps it works on. I know for sure it is defusable on afterglow round after round with no issue as I have tried it 2 different times (not rounds but yes every round it is defusable while on the map) but for some reason I was unable to get the menu showing the wires to pop up on murdertown. Me and multiple other people have tried on both maps and gotten the same results. I can only think of the maps being different but that might just be coincidence and have no correlation.
  2. I don't think T-baiting needs to be against the rules. It is literally a losing battle for them they shoot first and can be killed while the target cannot be killed. And although a lot of the team the inno getting T-baited gets killed after killing said T-baiter that is just the game. If people are that dumb there is nothing to do about that.
  3. I feel like there are a lot of good points being brought up. I feel like even with a T being randomly killed by an innocent it is still a valid thing to be able to report but when a innocent or detective can report getting RDMed by a T is just plain retarded. Pretty much everything that Gentoo went over is really all I had to say about it. One thing he kind of touched on was the player choosing the punishment. Who the fuck on TTT will ask someone to get "warned" after death. I feel it should just let you type the command, chose the round, and leave the rest to admins. I can't really have an input for the admins side but I'm sure it's fine over there. It's a good plugin, just needs polished up a bit for this server.
  4. Ok my turn. This is my favorite part of the forums. Now, while I can agree there is teaming on the servers and I myself am guilty of doing such, there isn't always just a 100% way of solving this. There are multiple times when this happens on purpose and then there are times where the average TTT player was distracted by their shadow or reflection. It is also such a weird way to justify something that is so alienated from other rules and the game mode itself. If someone were to shoot someone in the middle of the open or knife someone and nobody killed them than is it their fault for killing? Does he slay? There are times where there is beyond reasonable doubt where teaming occurs such as letting people into T rooms but in the case of killing in the open it is really just a grey subject. Also, previously acknowledged is the fact that people on TTT are just actual troglodytes and are playing from a lab where their brain is getting monitored. The amount of times I have seen someone get killed, I get killed, or I kill in the middle of the map and stand there and do nothing and not get shot is just part of the game now. Whether it be a good defense of none at all they have a chance of living through it. If you want the dumbasses to get punished for not killing the T then the whole server will lose it player base. But these are just my thoughts and they may be a little biased but that is really all I have to say.
  5. Don't give me hope...
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  7. -rep  scammed me out of $30 and then unadded me. Serious issue, won't message me back. How is he an IA?


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      Ok trazz you below average car soccer player. You have a difficult time driving up the walls and hitting the ball. You can't even line up a ceiling shot in training. I don't know why out of every comeback you go to a game you suck at.

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      God Creten he is just trying to spread some positivity!

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