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  1. bro i need her so badddd *also not wanna flex but my keqing does 17k x3 on charged attacks with my shitty base attack benny boy*
  3. @cumssygo back to youre other post ppl have already tried helping you there:)
  4. Congrats boto!!! now stop being a good staff and fix spectral shiv
  5. nice supporter bro !


    1. #1 BloodBlades fan fru!ty

      #1 BloodBlades fan fru!ty

      atleast i didnt pay for it


  6. Please make it work again Im tired of being mocked cause of my bright water bayonnet:(( When I use ghost it gives me Gold knife and same for gold and the spectral shiv option just doesn’t exist
  7. honestly and also ill weigh up the regs since im so guddd
  8. I honestly do not care about this but I did find the DETECTIVE and the blue D on top enough. You’ll only get max 3 detectives lets say we are 20 on we will only have 3 cts and stack the Terrorist team tab what can get annoying to see who is ID and who isn’t. You guys shouldn’t of made the change but now that its done then I guess you guys can keep it.
  9. Guys I just bought the game with my own money cause dolo didn’t want too send his so imma be there to clap all. (i have many mc hours so I do believe I should rekt yall.)
  10. bet I have some pop dogs stickers in exchange basically same amount
  11. down bad.

  12. mmmmmmm..... do yall giveaway the game too? (asking for a friend im not broke)