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  1. CT Spawns sucks but thats the map. The problem is T spawns which are half the times in boxes and so is the bomb.
  2. train is a great retakes map and it should definitely stay
  3. Full map name de_ancient Addition or Removal? Removal Link to map download REMOVE PLS Additional information bro map blows and spawn are glitched like just remove it don't even bother fixing it Screenshots attached N/A
  4. i might be late so lets end with burnout
  6. cant wait to slide shotty steven and make him throw slurs at me !
  7. you saw me play ct many times cause i rembering shitting on you many times as ct
  8. yo thats spooky!! gives me like an halloween vibe
  9. how is 3 steps out and big box not unique smh lorax but thanks for that high note !
  10. This is what I meant @Pog.. Also thanks for your submission I do feel like something I do go for those fun vibes but I do recognize myself in what you said. Thanks a lot Jackson.