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  1. Whoever wins this should give me it cuz this was announced on my bday
  2. Where is TTT medal, i definately have been playing for at least a 5 day medal
  3. kit


    Oh boy, jb is gonna be worse then ever keke, congrats
  4. I donated for roux too, its hopefully the only time i will donate for a cause like this
  5. maybe a different dude will lookn at my event post tehn
  6. can u do an event with this enabled and see how it works out?
  7. Regulars can grab stuff?
  8. Maybe u can ask a different server like karma to ask for help with the plugin they have 2
  9. Tbh, if some one were to prop block, they can either be punished or maybe a feature to take away the ablity to grab shit.
  10. Thanks to all the admins and players to halp keep the servers secure and playable.
  11. With the dead bodies just make it to where they have to be ided to be picked up.