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  1. That was nuke, lmao, nuke is aasssss cheeks
  2. Gg ez we win toruneyment i am better just sirrender
  3. Sounds a lot like karma, but at the same time it doesn't sound that bad such as detective being disable. Although the parachutes probably can interfere with gameplay such as skyscraper last inno or traitor jumps off and uses parachute to delay the round for a while. Make grabing stuff a thing
  4. I try get better, i didnt really try that hard cuz roddy is uhh just better
  5. Well he made it more distorted. Like the one with the bright ass white just covering it up and the fruity one.
  6. But, he didnt submit a clip...
  7. Waste of 7 minutes? Yes, did i laugh no, did i vote no. We needed more reg clips