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  2. would be cool to try it out imo.
  3. i feel like it could be used more strategically if we could bind it to a key like teleport
  4. Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay.

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  5. 1. how many people have been punished with the current karma system? with my knowledge, i would make an educated and say none, or very few. therefore, the system doesn't work. (it's been 20 days - is this not enough data to make changes to the karma system to make it actually effective?) 2. karma used to function as a way to know who was a regular and who was not. i like that function, and i know others did too. therefore, people are upset because admins removed a function people liked. admins replaced it with a function that doesn't work. no one can see the benefit of it. of course, people are going to dislike it. it's nothing against all the hard work the admins did; pure human psychology. i think it's a neat idea. either: 1) make karma work, allow it to ban/kick people (even regulars) 2) re-instate old karma 3) flounder 4) compromise
  6. great post, agree with all except for golf -- i think its a refreshing simple map. however +1 with salazar castle.. i advocate for the removal of it asap.. its literally unplayable with how dark it is especially with rtv being broken :/ -- once we all wanted the map to change from salazar -- we couldnt. what ensued was the 15 pop server trickled down to 3 pop and then we had to call an admin to change the map lmfao. immediately after the server filled up.