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  1. "I killed you because you had your knife out and looked at me" - I just lag, not toggle! :laugh:

  2. If a player kills another player, they are kos. You don't have to kill the killer though. Is this a bannable offence of teaming? Sometimes you see a person T baiting or even false kos another player. The player then usually kills (If they aren't killed themselves) the other player. An innocent that sees this does not have to act on this (Or do they?). Would they be punished if they didn't kill because they were unsure if they other player was innocent or traitor? This has nothing to do with the recent complaint on me.
  3. I know that people were able to push props around before, but it was removed (Due to a bug?) for some reason. BUT GUESS WHAT? Its back Yeah, pushing probs is back, and you won't fall through chairs anymore. Its cool. Come check it out. It came as a surprise for some so if you don't know, now you know.
  4. It might be hard to tell when a haste round is if you arent paying attention. The t(s) are already at a disadvantage due to the small amount of time. That being said, could there be a sound implemented to indicate a haste round?
  5. The only people I've seen be auto banned by the karma system are the HARDCORE rdmers. The people that play normal might get low but never banned. I personally don't think the bans should just be two hours (It's hard to get autobanned). Some people might even get -45 and just log off. I'm thinking that the auto ban should be atleast 8 hours (Minimum).
  6. If killing a detective gives the same karma as innocent now, can you guys nerf detectives health back to 100
  7. Ik this isnt vanilla but in vanilla, holding a decoy, nade, moli,etc has a speed of knife(250 vel) Holding nades are 245 vel. I know its not like that big of a deal but it bothers me just knowing about it
  8. Date: 8-25-20 Bug/Glitch: You can change clan tag ingame Additional Information: I thought before you couldnt change clan tag ingame, but now you can. Im guessing this a bug, and not a huge one
  9. It was nice to have before. It wasnt like every round and it was nice to have sometimes when the servers are full. At least have admins be able to call a vote for a mute round (75% or more) Please!
  10. Was this the votes on the server about if the maps were good? I didnt know it was serious and voted no on legit every vote
  11. add de_mirage, scuffed close quarters with no t room camping
  12. Because you cant warn someone for stop blocking or following without saying their name, I was thinking maybe like a !block or !follow command that would put someones name like X, stop following me warning 1 or X, stop blocking warning 1 Im suggesting this to make sure there is no confustion in warnings and no rdms and so that its possible to bind to bind to quick warnings Prob like a 3 second delay in the command