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Staff of the Season - Winter 2022 / 2023

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Hey everyone,

So despite us only being halfway through the season, we'd like to show some appreciation for our staff members who are really kicking things into gear. We used to do 'Staff of the Month' but truthfully we've always struggled with just giving it to one person each time, so this gives us an excuse to give it to a whole bunch of people. A couple of these guys don't even know they're being mentioned despite being two of the highest ranks in the community, so we hope it's a neat little surprise.

Firstly, from the Events Team, we want to show a bit of appreciation for both @lynxie and @Iota - both of these dudes have put a lot of work in around here despite the slow pace of things and it hasn't gone unnoticed. Planning and running events may seem simple, but it takes a great deal of effort and it especially takes a lot of nerve to keep doing it even when things aren't as lively. The passion both of them have shown for the team and the community is admirable and we appreciate all they've done.

Next up, it's sort of a cliché at this point, and it probably goes without saying, but we have to mention @Acer. Acer jumps around wherever he's needed to help us push things out and improve upon existing things. He's done loads of work to help us with our Discord, he helped Revenga quite a bit with getting Gun Game going, and helped us to finalize GMod TTT. His work is impossible to look past both on a broader scale and on a day-to-day basis. Huge shoutout to this madman.

This one should also go without saying, but sometimes it needs to be said.. @Nishok is quite literally our lord and savior. Without this absolute gorgeous man, we would probably be like toddlers trying to build a 500 piece puzzle. The work he does on the daily is so beyond appreciated already but the larger scale projects he works on does so much for our community. Without him, these new forums would've been impossible, and there's legitimately way too many other things to list off. Put respect on his name.

Last but not least, our new dictator. @Revenga is absolutely NOT holding me at gunpoint and forcing me to tell you all that he had no idea he was being mentioned. Seriously though, ever since this guy returned as a Technical Administrator he's pretty much been running things. He's putting in an immense amount of hours to kickstart and launch various projects on top of managing every other aspect of the community all at once. Without the insane time and effort from Revenga, we would almost certainly not be in the considerably better position we're in now. The community is in good hands.

And Revenga's mom is in Dominic's hands.

While we've mentioned a select few people, we hope that all of our staff recognizes how much we appreciate the dedication and loyalty they've shown to Steam-Gamers. No matter what little thing you find the time to do, whether that be hopping on the server for 20 minutes or typing once amid a discussion in Discord, it means something. All of you are contributing heavily to the community's continued life and everything you do is recognized. Thank you to everyone, including our other community members.. it means a lot.

Thanks guys.

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Congrats to everyone, and thank you for the kind words.  The time I put in means nothing without the time everyone else puts in as well.  Without that, my time spent is useless.  It's been nice playing in the servers, and seeing the other AOs & BDs doing the same so we can get to know our players.  I'm looking forward to what the future brings.

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