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Hey everyone,


We're happy to announce a few promotions and are excited to see them in their new roles.


Please welcome Bacon, Lokibelowkey, and eXtr3m3 to the Events Team! Their duties will include:


  • Organize, plan, and run events
  • Manage/Promote special events on our servers
  • Manage and monitor gaming tournaments (ie. SGSL)
  • Make sure servers are ready for all special events
  • Schedule events to fill servers in need via the steam community
  • Work with Game Divisions to create events that cater to community interests


And to the Media Team, we have Third!


His responsibilities will include:


  • Manage forum and community website themes and layouts
  • Manage all forum and community images (awards, rankbars, etc)
  • Manage forum design sections (signature/avatar requests, etc)
  • Work with Marketing team to manage branding and community logos/external advertising
  • Work with Game Divisions to keep in-game branding and design (map textures for SG) up to date and relevant
  • Work with Marketing team to manage social media accounts (Youtube, Twitch, etc)


Join me in congratulating them into their new positions!

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