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jb_clouds_beta02 removal

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Map Removal

Full map name


Type of map


Why should we remove it

This map kills jb, people always give the same order to have a freeday on second island and camp first. The rounds usually goto the max 5 minutes and have over half the server leave.

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Man... I'm conflicted, clouds is my favorite maps on the map rotation, but I do agree that CT's often give the same order every round on this map. Also your observation that everyone leaves in a couple rounds is pretty accurate. So if we must, we can get rid of it...

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Clouds is always shit because there is only one way to and from second island. Rebelling is extreme difficult, and leads to CTs ordering Ts to second island for a freeday as Loki stated. Awful map.
Exactly what i think, This map isn't very good because most people just leave the server. (i.e. We had a full server going into clouds and within the first round we lost half if not more players because of the map.
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Not a good enough reason to warrant a removal of a map.


The problem is not the map but the CT's who are in charge of giving orders.

It's been a while since I played the map but listed below is all the sort of stuff you can do, CT's just choose not to do so.


  • Climb
  • Disco
  • Surf
  • Pool
  • Football
  • Dive
  • Basketball
  • Race
  • Bhop
  • etc etc


If it is such a problem that CT's are camping main cells and not enforcing or camping, Admins should do something about this.

CT's job is to watch over the T's and not Camp the whole match watching though a one way window.


The way it should be is CT's need to watch the main island before the T's go to it.

If you really want to solve this problem you make the Cell Island kill anyone in there after X amount of time or cause damage over time so they get their ass to the main island.


At the end of the day this is not a map issue but an issue with the CT's





I do agree with them saying with only one door to main area.

As with rebelling in terms of it being wide open and you needing to know the secrets.


I'm conflicted as they are right with what they are saying, the map itself is well made in most cases.

However in this case, even with the map having all of what I listed, is placed in such a way, gameplay is effected.

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extremely shit map terrible layout and way too big so cts can camp all day. you literally have to know all the secrets as to find the last ct thats camping and id say about 80% of rounds is the entire t side trying to find 1-2 camping cts

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This map is awful. Lighting is terrible layout is shit, portal design is garbage. Overall bad map. "All Ts bum rush extreme climb while we sit on this tower waiting for anyone to come through the portal so we can kill them cause we are unimaginative"

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Clouds is a decent map, lots of games to do. But i think with this community its not that good of a map because CTs just call FDs every like 2 rounds and camp first island. Also with this community, the most Ts want to do a few things on the map (mainly Extreme Climb) and we can't do whats all on the map. I think it might be time to chunk Clouds into the back closet

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Whenever I play Clouds, half of my brainpower is focused on not falling off the map. Not fun! Also, CTs regularity give freedays on second island and camp portal the entire round.


The only thing I’ll miss is teamkilling with the helicopter gun.

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