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IW4X- Modern Warfare 2

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Relive the glory days of 360 Noscopes and noobtubing from across the maps.



To install IW4x, it is recommended to use the official IW4x installer.



You will just need to download "installer.exe"

If that does not work download "installer_legacy.exe"


IW4X is a modification to the core game Modern Warfare 2 that gives it new tweaks and dedicated servers to play on.

The modification allows you to max rank and customize to your hearts content.

All game modes plus a few extra are included.


All maps from CoD4 are also included in this Mod client.


We are able to get 18 players into one server.

This is a beta client and you might see and find bugs and glitches.


This could be a fun event as it is free to play and many people are familiar with this game.


As for which game mode and stuff we would do, thats up to the ET if this is picked as an event.

My suggestion would be SnD, Demo, TDM

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Like the event idea, something the team can try doing in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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yo I actually started playing this a week ago and already get 3 nukes its actually so fun 7 kill nuke running acr is nuts

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