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Question of the day 4/16/19

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With finals week approaching, I feel as if this is appropriate timing


Q: What do you do to get rid of stress?


I drive. I've had my fair share of times speeding down an empty highway for an hour at 2AM & blasting music. I've done this when I broke up with a couple ex's and whenever I want to escape out of my shithole of a town. This works like magic.

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Vidya with my friends



Normally, I brush it off. Stress doesn't really affect me that much.



Very rarely, though, I scream into my pillow as loud as I can. It helps. Sometimes.

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I used to have a girlfriend, shockaa!! We broke up few months ago and I just go outside to the nearby park whenever nobody is around and just relax with music for like an hour or so and now stress goes away like it didn't exist. Now that's not going to happen when I go to highschool but I want to live my life to the fullest before I eventually become older and be a functioning member of society.

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