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I didn't want to write this message, and I still don't want to, but it needs to be said. I'm leaving the SG Community (like for good). I've enjoyed my time on the server and I hope my presence was enjoyed by others too. I remember the time I first found this server and decided to play. I joined the JB server and not even a week later I played music like an annoying idiot. I got banned and didn't even know it or know why it happened until months later. The server was fun, there was a community of people who would make constant banter. I felt like I belonged. There were many strategies and metas that I might have started and quickly ended, but it was always an enjoyment. Then one guy, who was stoned off his mind all the time, named Shado befriended me. He was the funniest person I had encountered in a while and felt like a genuine friend. He created a group known as "smh xd" which for those of you who were in it, was probably the best group at the time, mostly because the last group of JB players were slowly leaving. It was a fun experience and had a lot of great people. We'd end up playing comp every so often and make constant jokes, it was a good time. By Christmas there was another group being created with a lot younger players who were overall pretty toxic. While our group was slowly becoming more inactive, we were growing to respect the rules slightly more than we used to, while the new group seemed to get worse with rule breaking. The new group of people had people getting banned left and right and it was pretty sad. After Christmas time there was a pretty spaced out period of me getting less active, and eventually not joining for around a month at a time. I believe that the group known as smh xd will be one that will be forgotten. I realized that with all the toxicity and hatred on the server I was better off maturing from it and realizing that I'm better than it, and for that, I thank SG.

The Biggest Bros:

Shado for being the funniest stoner

Draco for being a down to earth psychopath

Loki Be Lowkey for being a chill guy with logical reasoning

URPALERP for being a teenager with a good sense of humor

Astral for being capable of staying calm

RISKYBACON for being a good person

Blake for teaching me that a troll is worthless

IrohJinnouchi for showing me a balance of humor and intellect

and smh xd for showing me that there are people who can be your friends anywhere you go.

Thank you, SG.

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Bye, hopefully I see you again, sometime, whether it be you do actually find ur way back into cs, or even just in discord. Thanks for all the good times on jb and csgo in general, even the times where I'd get yelled at by u and carmanti for being a fucking bot in mm. U were a day one for me and the first person who I actually became friends with on jb. Can't believe it all started with a dumbass group of kids on jb making a meme group. I'll be sure to keep the smh xd tag on for u. Love you brother.

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