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Question of the day 6/9/19

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Where Do You Go To Find Peace?

We all need peace, but where is it actually located? Is it home, a foreign country, or just the company of friends?


Whenever I'm stressed, I go for long drives by myself blasting music. Hbu?

Send me questions suggestions! :)

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i love going to the bar a few minutes away from my house and consuming copious amounts of alcohol to attempt to heal the scars that my whore ex wife left years ago. haha

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1. Put on headphones

2. Play some music

3. Write

I’ll do this really anywhere at anytime because it just smoothens the mood.

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Tbh I love going to ranges a lot that’s where I find my peace but also sleeping with my wife too.


I prefer sleeping with other people's wives, that's ultimate peace.

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